MDH Amchoor। আমচুর -100gm

৳ 210.00

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A popular ingredient of Indian cookery whenever a touch of sour taste is required. R-pure mango powder is made from the dehydrated pulp of raw mangoes which are devoid of skin and stone. Fine clean and fair pieces are used to give you quality powder with a uniform taste every time.



Spices have a long and ancient history, especially in India, where they are a part of life and heritage. In every home & in every province across the country, different spices and blends are used to create different and distinctive tastes in dishes. Several decades ago, housewives used to grind their spices manually at home and make their own blends for use in their cooking. To make this process easier for the housewife, ’MAHASHIAN DI HATTI’ (MDH) visualised the concept of ready-to-use ground spices.