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The Wins town Immune Booster Tea is originated in China, which the best source of high quality of natural herb and most used by Western and Asian country. The tea is use to revitalize and strengthen our weak bodily system cause of vices and stressful environment. If taking too much medicine, our liver and spleen get spoiled and it will weaken our system and sometimes get worst. Now here is the Winstown Immune Booster Tea that cleanse and boost our immune system to a happy life.

Ingredients: -Organic echinacea purpurea herb. -Organic West Indian lemongrass leaf. -Organic spearmint leaf. -Poria. -Cassia. -Chinese yam. -Coix seed. -Honeysuckle . -Houttuynia cordata. -Agastache rugosa.

Certificate: -HACCP -ISO 22000 -GMP

Drinking Method:

Step1: Take 1-2 bags into a cup or tea pot.

Step2: Pour fresh boiled water.

Step3: Brew it 5-10minutes.

Step4: Enjoy the tea, can brew the tea repeatedly untill tasteless.